Re: To kill a sun:

Darren Reed (avalon@COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 13:26:56 +1100

[...kerberos comments deleted...]

For the unitiated, during the Solaris 2.4(?) patch cycle, telnetd and
rlogind became a "twp part program". There is a STREAMS module which
is pushed onto the TCP and TTY STREAMS. The push is done by the binary
which is run by inetd. I imagine the Kerberos bins don't have another
half which are STREAMS modules. This split and use of STREAMS modules
is to increase resposiveness with telnet/rlogin connections for servers
with large numbers (100s) of users telnet'ting in by removing the need
for context switches to copy data from tty to TCP connection.

If anyone has an old Solaris 2.4 or 2.3 system, which doesn't have this
enhancement present, it might be worthwhile to see if the ^D problem is