SunOS4.1.4 another tmpfs bug

YAMAMORI Takenori (yamamori@KT.RIM.OR.JP)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 09:46:03 +0900

I found another SunOS4.1.4 tmpfs bug that is still unresolved.

I think there are two tmpfs bugs, they are different, and the first
can be fixed but the second is not still able to be fixed.

The first tmpfs bug:
(/tmp is mounted as tmpfs)
$ cd /tmp
$ mknod aaa p
$ ln aaa bbb # should be hard-link
$ ls -l
and then kernel panics.

I know this well. This can be fixed by modload the 8lgm_tmpfs.c.


The second tmpfs bug:
(/tmp is mounted as tmpfs)
$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir aaa
$ chmod -w aaa
$ cd aaa
$ ln -s bbb ccc # should be symbolic-link (not hard-link)
and then
panic: kmem_free: block already free

I don't know how to avoid the second bug.
Though I modload the 8lgm_tmpfs.c, the second bug is not fixed
and kernel panics.

Does anyone know about the second tmpfs bug?
Please tell me how to avoid the bug.