Re: Fw: Insufficient allocations in net/unix/garbage.c (fwd)

Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:06:49 +0000

> > Kernels 2.0.x do not sufficiently allocate space for the internal stack
> > used for garbage collection on unix domain sockets. I have neither
> > examined nor tested 2.1.x kernels.

Two things to note. 1. It does for the standard system configuration which is
1024 fd's so only a custom tuned box is vulnerable, and 2 the fix is vulnerable
to deadlocks. Swap the kmalloc/kfree for vmalloc/vfree as I did when I fixed
this in 2.1 a while ago and all will be well

And yes - its a real bug. I'll try and see its officially buried for all cases
in 2.0.33