Re: Linux inetd..

Mon, 01 Dec 1997 23:20:10 -0800


| Description:
| I've found that inetd on (*atleast*) Debian distribution of LiNUX crashes
| when port 13 (daytime) / port 37 (time) is "half-open scanned"..

This sounds a lot like the antiquated SYN, RST DoS problem older Linux
inetds were vulnerable to. Send a SYN to an internal service, and
immediately follow it up with a RST packet. inetd would become unstable
and die after the next connection.

| I'm not skilled enough to write the code-piece for you to test this out,
| but most of the new portscanner include this type of scanning method.
| (scantcp 1.32, sirc, etc.)

Phrack 49-07, the `Vengeance` module.

Be warned. It is ugly, ugly code. At any rate, I was led to believe
that this problem was fixed ages ago in some netkit rev that escapes me.

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