2nd International Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for Internet Applications

in conjunction with ICLP'97, Leuven, Belgium Friday, July 11, 1997

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With the paradigm shift to highly inter-connected computers and programming tools, logic programming languages have a unique opportunity to contribute to practical Internet application development. Simplicity, remote executability, robustness, automatic memory management, are among the features some LP languages share with emerging tools like Java. Superior meta-programming and high-level distributed programming facilities, built-in grammars and dynamic databases, declarative semantics are among their competitive advantages. Embedding of LP components in Internet applications as well as recent Java-based implementations of LP languages are promising a quick integration of LP research in widely used mainstream software systems.

As its popular predecessor held at JICSLP'96 in Bonn, the workshop explores the use of logic programming tools for developing practical Internet applications as well as theoretical work based on declarative techniques giving new insights on understanding emerging net technologies.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

The workshop is intended to show the potential of logic programming as a competitive technology for Internet application development and bring logic programming closer to be recognized as a mainstream programming technology. The main focus is on new and original research, but we also encourage the submission of papers describing products, and prototypes in development. Vision papers discussing the potential of LP for Internet programming are also welcome. Expected duration of the workshop is one day.


Koen De Bosschere , University of Gent, Belgium (kdb@elis.rug.ac.be)
Manuel Hermenegildo , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (herme@fi.upm.es)
Paul Tarau, University of Moncton, Canada (tarau@info.umoncton.ca)


Andrew Davison , Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Koen De Bosschere , University of Gent, Belgium
Paolo Ciancarini, University of Bologna, Italy
Veronica Dahl, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Bart Demoen, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Manuel Hermenegildo , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Gustaf Neuman , University of Essen, Germany
Leon Sterling, Melbourne University, Australia
Paul Tarau, University of Moncton, Canada


	Submission Deadline :   April, 18, 1997 
	Notification :          May, 12, 1997 
	Final Version ready :   June, 6, 1997 
        Workshop :              July, 11, 1997


should be sent to: lpnet@info.umoncton.ca


Updated INFORMATION on the workshop will be available at:



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