The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

CLIP Group's Publications in 2013

Articles in First-Level Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. A. Serrano, P. Lopez-Garcia, F. Bueno, M. V. Hermenegildo. Sized Type Analysis for Logic Programs (Technical Communication). Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 29th Int'l. Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'13) Special Issue, On-line Supplement, Vol. 13, Num. 4-5, pages 1-14, Cambridge U. Press, August 2013.

    CORE: A. Citeseer: position 188/1221 (top 15%), impact 1.21. Average position: top 24%.

  2. Kyriakos Kritikos, Barbara Pernici, Pierluigi Plebani, Cinzia Cappiello, Marco Comuzzi, Salima Benbernou, Ivona Brandic, Attila Kertesz, Michael Parkin, M. Carro. A Survey on Service Quality Description. ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 46, Num. 1, 2013.

    JCR: position (ave) top 11%, impact (ave) 4.59, subject(s): COMPUTER SCIENCE, THEORY & METHODS CORE: A*. Citeseer: position 195/1221 (top 16%), impact 1.19. Average position: top 11%.

Articles in Second-Level Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. D. Ivanovic, M. Carro, M. V. Hermenegildo. A Sharing-Based Approach to Supporting Adaptation in Service Compositions. Computing, Vol. 95, Num. 6, pages 453-492, Springer Wien, June 2013.

    CORE: A. CiteseerX position (ave) top 67%, impact (ave) 0.074. Average position: top 44%.

  2. Z. Drey, J. F. Morales, M. V. Hermenegildo, M. Carro. Reversible Language Extensions and their Application in Debugging. Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL'13), LNCS, Vol. 7752, Springer, January 2013.

    CORE: B. CiteseerX position (ave) top 23%, impact (ave) 0.230. Average position: top 44%.

  3. P. Chico de Guzmán, M. Carro, M. V. Hermenegildo. Supporting Pruning in Tabled LP. Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL'13), LNCS, Springer Verlag, January 2013.

    CORE: B. CiteseerX position (ave) top 23%, impact (ave) 0.230. Average position: top 44%.

Books and Monographs:

  1. Nataliia Stulova. Dynamic Checking of Assertions for Higher-order Predicates. Ms. Thesis, Technical University of Madrid, School of Computer Science, E-28660, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain, 73 pages, July 2013.

  2. Dragan Ivanovic. Analysis of Service-Oriented Computing Systems. Ph.D. Thesis, School of Computer Science, UPM, January 2013.

  3. R. Haemmerlé, J.F. Morales. Proceedings of the 23rd Workshop on Logic-based methods in Programming Environments (WLPE 2013). CoRR abs/1308.2055, 2013.

Articles in Books and Other Collections:

  1. Kerstin Eder, Steve Kerrison, John Gallagher, Pedro Lopez-Garcia. Whole Systems Energy Transparency. Num. 6, pages 67-68, August 2013.

Articles in Third-Level (or Non-Indexed) Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. Z. Bankovic, P. Lopez-Garcia. Genetic Algorithm-based Allocation and Scheduling for Voltage and Frequency Scalable XMOS Chips. Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems (HAIS 2013), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8073, pages 401-410, Springer, 2013.

  2. M. Carro, Ángel Herranz, Julio Mariño. A Model-Driven Approach to Teaching Concurrency. ACM Transactions on Computer Education, Vol. 13, Num. 1, 2013.

Publications in Refereed Workshops:

  1. U. Liqat, S. Kerrison, A. Serrano, K. Georgiou, P. Lopez-Garcia, N. Grech, M. V. Hermenegildo, K. Eder. Energy Consumption Analysis of Programs based on XMOS ISA-Level Models. Pre-proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR'13), September 2013.

  2. A. Serrano, P. Lopez-Garcia, M. V. Hermenegildo. Towards an Abstract Domain for Resource Analysis of Logic Programs Using Sized Types. 23rd Workshop on Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments (WLPE 2013), 15 pages, August 2013. CoRR abs/1308.3940.

  3. D. Ivanovic, P. Kaowichakorn, M. Carro. Towards QoS Prediction Based on Composition Structure Analysis and Probabilistic Environment Models. 5th International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems, May 2013.

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