The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

CLIP Group's Publications in 2019

Articles in First-Level Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. Joaquín Arias, Manuel Carro. Description, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Generic Design for Tabled CLP. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Vol. 19, Num. 3, pages 412-448, Cambridge U. Press, 2019.

    JCR: position (ave) top 36%, impact (ave) 1.20, subject(s): COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERINGCOMPUTER SCIENCE, THEORY & METHODS CORE: A. Citeseer: position 494/1221 (top 40%), impact 0.66. Average position: top 32%.

Articles in Second-Level Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. I. Garcia-Contreras, J.F. Morales, and M. V. Hermenegildo. Multivariant Assertion-based Guidance in Abstract Interpretation. Proceedings of the 28th International Symposium on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR'18), January 2019.

    CORE: B. Citeseer: position 363/1221 (top 30%), impact 0.85. Average position: top 47%.

Articles in Third-Level (or Non-Indexed) Refereed Conferences and Journals:

  1. Joaquín Arias, Manuel Carro. Incremental Evaluation of Lattice-Based Aggregates in Logic Programming Using Modular TCLP. Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages - 21st International Symposium (PADL 2019), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 11372, pages 98-114, Springer, January 2019.

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