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CLIP Group Locally (Co-)Developed Software

This is the CLIP Group's software download site. For any CLIP software and related manuals which you cannot find in these pages (e.g., packages or versions which are in Beta or Alpha release) please contact <>. Some older distributions are available from the old clip software ftp directory.

Copyright Note: Most of this software is provided under the GNU Public License.

Support: We offer support and maintenance services. Please contact for details.

Index of Available Software Packages:

Index to other CLIP Software Packages:

  • &-prolog: The And-Prolog Parallel Prolog System. Now superceded by the Ciao system. See the clip ftp directory for old versions of the &-prolog parallelizing compiler.
  • benchmarks: Prolog and CLP benchmarks that we have used in experiments with our systems.
  • PLAI: Abstract Interpretation-Based Logic Program Analyzer/Specializer. Now included in Ciaopp, the Ciao system preprocessor. See the clip ftp directory for older versions.
  • prolog-shell: Using Prolog as a Scripting Language. Now included in the Ciao system. See the clip ftp directory for previous versions for other Prolog systems.
  • visandor: A visualizer of parallel executions.. New source distribution in preparation. See the clip ftp directory for older (SPARC binary) versions. (Also distributed with SICStus Prolog).

More detailed descriptions and downloadable packages:

latex-spread: A Simple Emacs Spreadsheet Mode for TeX/LaTeX Documents

This package provides a simple spreadsheet minor mode for TeX/LaTeX documents. It allows including formulas in LaTeX files and using emacs to evaluate them.

Current version (0.9#4 of 2001/10/7):

xdvipresent: Slide Presentations Using LaTeX/xdvi

xdvipresent provides glue for developing slides for on-line presentation using LaTeX and xdvi, and a (portable) computer with a sxga+ (1400x1050), sxga (1280x1024), xga (1024x768), svga (800x600), vga (640x480), or sun (1152x900) screen running Xwindows.

Current version (0.6#14 of 2003/3/1):

List of all available versions for xdvipresent: