10:15 Session 1 (Chair: Samir Genaim)
Gilles Barthe  
Formal Certification of Code-Based Cryptographic Proofs (keynote talk) PDF
Coffee break  
11:45 Session 2 (Chair: Samir Genaim)
David Clark  
Amorphous slicing of extended finite state machines PDF
Marisa Llorens  
Dynamic Slicing Techniques for Petri Nets PDF
Michael R. Laurence  
Weises's Algorithm Computes Minimal path-faithful Slices of Function-linear, Free Program Schemas PDF
15:00 Session 3 (Chair: David Clark)
Boris Feigin  
Decompilation is an Information-flow Problem PDF
Enrico Visentini  
Hiding Software Watermarks in Polyhedra PDF
Coffee break  
16:30 Session 4 (Chair: Germán Puebla)
Damiano Zanardini  
Abstract Program Slicing PDF
Juan Manuel Crespo  
Lightweight Verification of Customizable Policies for Mobile Devices through Program Slicing PDF
Dennis Giffhorn  
Probabilistic Non-Interference via Program Slicing PDF
Closing Remarks