There are two paper categories, Regular and Tool demo papers. Paper should be written using the ENTCS style and submitted through the easy chair page. Please indicate in the submission page the category of your submission. Submissions will be evaluated by the Program Committee for inclusion in the ENTCS proceedings.

Regular research papers should be at most 15 pages (including bibliography and excluding well-marked appendices not intended for publication). They must contain original contributions, be written in English and be unpublished and not submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere.

Tool demo papers must describe a completed, robust and well-documented tool -- highlighting the overall functionality of the tool, the interfaces of the tool, interesting examples and applications of the tool, an assessment of the tool's strengths and weaknesses, and a summary of documentation/support available with the tool. The body of the paper must be no longer than 6 pages in length (including bibliography), and it should give an overview of the tool, the methodology associated with its use, a summary of how the tool has been applied and to what effect, and it should indicate what supporting artifacts (user manual, example repository, downloads, etc) are available. This material will be included in the ENTCS proceedings if the paper is accepted. In addition, the paper should include an appendix (limited to six pages) that gives an outline of the proposed demo presentation (this material will NOT appear in the ENTCS proceedings).