Accepted Papers

Lieven Desmet, Wouter Joosen, Fabio Massacci, Katsiaryna Naliuka, Pieter Philippaerts, Frank Piessens and Dries Vanoverberghe
The S3MS.NET Run Time Monitor
Laurent Hubert and David Pichardie
Soundly Handling Static Fields: Issues, Semantics and Analysis
Phil McGachey, Antony L. Hosking and J. Eliot B. Moss
Pervasive Load-Time Transformation for Transparently Distributed Java
Massimo Bartoletti, Gabriele Costa and Roberto Zunino
Jalapa: Securing Java with Local Policies
Stefan Brunthaler
Virtual-Machine Abstraction and Optimization Techniques
Etienne Payet and Fausto Spoto
Experiments with Non-Termination Analysis for Java Bytecode
Arno Puder and Jessica Lee
Towards an XML-based Byte Code Level Transformation Framework
Fausto Spoto, Lunjin Lu and Fred Mesnard
Using CLP Simplifications to Improve Java Bytecode Termination Analysis
Xin Li and Mizuhito Ogawa
An Ahead-of-time Yet Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java
Aleksy Schubert and Daria Walukiewicz-ChrzÄ…szcz
The Non-Interference Protection in BML
Jorge Navas, Mario Mendez and Manuel V. Hermenegildo
A Generic Resource Usage Analysis for Java Bytecode